I need to wait too long for wrong answered cards

After the last update, I need to wait for a couple of minutes, if I want to study the cards I forgot.
In the last version, I could work on them right away, when I finished all the other cards.
Is there any option I can change, to get this function back?
its quite annoying to wait for 10 minutes for your wrong answered card, when you have already finished the other cards of your deck .

Check your preferences. There is a “learn ahead limit” and you can change that to let you learn early. If you have to wait 10 min for your learning cards, setting that to 10 min would allow you to review them right away


The Space Repetition concept is applicable to the Learning Steps, too.
SImply changing the Limit will negatively affect the learning – not only the Learning phase but also the first few Review reps.

The – preliminary – value of “Learn Ahead Limit” depends on how much time you spend with the cards you are about to review ( preview; editing; cramming 1 - 2 times).

I verify this value by looking at the “Success Rate” for

  • the first Learn Step – and adjusting it a few times and ultimately for
  • Retention-% for the Graduating interval.

Add-ons are available for this calculation ( or it can be done manually).