Change the interval for repetition cards

Is it possible to change the interval for “again-good-easy” for repetition cards? Sometimes it takes too long to remember a certain card when I click to “again” and it only reappears in 10 minutes (I’d like to make this time period shorter).
I would like to set this for individual repetition cards without having to click on “forget”. (If I click on “forget”, the card comes at the very end and no longer fits thematically in the correct order with the other cards in the deck.)

Thanks in advance!

What do you mean by “repetition cards”? Is that review cards that you have forgotten and they have lapsed into the relearning steps?

Yes, you can change your relearning steps in your Deck Options. Deck Options - Anki Manual

Cards in the relearning steps (or the learning steps) will be shown as close as possible to their due time (or sooner based on your learn-ahead limit). If you forget a card late in your study session, that often means it will appear again at the end of your session.

But if you are only remembering cards based on the theme of the surrounding cards, you’re not really memorizing them, and you might want to think about editing your cards so that they stand on their own.

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thanks for your help. Yes, by “repetition cards” I meant the ones I’m relearning, like the cards I studied in the past reappearing to repeat them again.

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