Do “again” cards after review

I’m reviewing a bunch of cards and I keep missing a card every so often. I want to get all the reviews done first and then handle the ones I got wrong after. Essentially, I want the review cards that I press “again” on to only be seen again after I finish reviewing all the cards. Is there a way to do this? It’s too tedious to suspend every review card that I miss

Cards in the learning/relearning steps are always going to take priority and be shown as close to their step-interval as possible. There’s no setting to change that.

If you want, you could adjust your relearning steps and learn-ahead limit to make them come later – based on how long you usually study. But you might miss the mark and those cards would still come sooner than you want, or otherwise too late.

Tedious, and probably detrimental to learning. :wink:

You can accomplish this by increasing the length of your first learning step and adjusting the ‘learn ahead limit’ in the preferences, but bear in mind this will decrease the chances you still remember it when it comes up for review again, and the last part of your review will be harder as you won’t have a mix of easy and hard cards.

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