Change Note Type bug

If one accidentally clicks on the blue “Save” button without having made any changes, either chosing a different Note type or any other change like moving fields, a warning pops up saying no changes have been made. Thank you very much, but unfortunately at that point Anki is frozen and needs to be forced quit.

Which version are you using?

Using 2.1.49. I didn’t think this problem would be related to any add-ons. Is that possible? If so I will take the trouble to check them all.

I can’t seem to reproduce this problem. Please try without add-ons, and with the latest beta.

I’m sorry. It doesn’t happen now for me either. But it has happened several times, I forget the circumstances. I will report here again when I find it.

Found it! when you get the pop up window saying no changes have been made, if you close the “Change Note Type” window first and then the pop up window, Anki is locked.

I cannot reproduce this in the beta version - the change notetype window cannot be closed until the popup is closed.

Great! That means the new 2.1.5 will not have this problem. Looking forward to it. Thanks for all your work and you patience with unimportant bug reports like this.