Change front and back of crads

how can I change the front and back of every card in a certain deck in the android+laptob version? I tried
choose deck- card administration- card type for basic- change “back” and “front” in the box at the bottom already.

It can be done by editing the card template.

For Anki -

On AnkiDroid it can be accessed by scrolling down to the bottom of the screen in Add or Edit Note screen and clicking on Cards: Card 1, Card 2.

But it’ll affect cards in other decks that use the same note type. In this case, at first create a copy of the existing note type (Tools - Manage Note Types), update the card template by changing front and back and use the card browser to change the note type for cards in a specific deck to a new one (Notes - Change Note Type). This is for Anki, but I think it can be done on AnkiDroid too.

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