Swapping places on the card

Hello everyone
I want to change the order of the fields displayed on each card in the deck. Is there a simple way to change the order of all cards in this deck to replace the blue inscription with the yellow inscription?
please help

My answer below assumes that you really do want to just swap back with front. If you want to create new cards, there’s more that you have to do.

First, back up your Anki collection.

  1. At the top-left of your last image, there’s a “Cards…” button to bring up the templates window. Click it. Here’s the manual section for templates if you want it.
  2. At the top of the templates window, there’s a “Card Type” drop-down menu. If your note type has multiple card types (e.g. back to front, front to back), you may have to select the card type.
  3. The “Front Template” should have {{Front}} in it somewhere to indicate the field “Front”. Replace it with {{Note}}.
  4. The “Back Template” should have {{Note}} in it somewhere. Replace it with {{Front}}.
  5. Look at the preview on the ride side to make sure that it’s like you want it, then save.

The fields can be renamed by using the “Fields…” button.


yes, it works, thank you very much, and at first I thought that I would have to edit each card manually :wink: thank you again

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