Certain review cards not following algorithm

I am a medical student fairly new to ANKI and downloaded the AnKing deck for Step 1 studying. Certain review cards do not follow “options” that are set. It messes up my studying because when I try to get through the “dues” I have to manually set the due dates for every card that is messed up. For certain review cards the “hard”, “good” and “easy” are all set at the same (1 day) even though this is a review card that I’ve “learned” previously. For example, when it was a new card it presented normally according to the settings, and I got the card “correct” so it’ll show up the next day. The next day the cards “good” button said 3 days and so I clicked it. But when it shows up 3 days later the new options only list 1 day for “hard” “good” and “easy” and at this point it’s supposed to be a review. And the strange part is it only happens with certain cards not all of them. There are many cards that are “normal” and when there is a situation like the one I describe above they are “due” the tabs say “3 days” “7 days” “10 days” or whatever (which is normal). I don’t understand why some are normal and some are not.

Did you adjust your learning steps?


ahh, I see. Thank you for pointing that out. I may have done that which messed them up.

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