Cards unexpectedly unburied if their siblings are graduated on the same day

Hi everyone.

I’m using the V3 scheduler and I’m having 3 cards per note. At the beginning of today, I noticed that all my new cards are buried, which makes sense since I found all their siblings are in the learning state. Therefore, I began learning and most of those sibling cards graduated, entering the graduating state.

Next (learned and reviewed halfway, so still cards in the queue), I added a bunch of cards to the deck and this is exactly when the problem arises: All cards whose siblings have graduated today re-appeared in the new card queue. Since I’m doing 100~200 new cards per day, this explodes (aka. adds 280 cards to) my new cards queue and makes the learning time out of control. Recovering from the backup doesn’t help, either - it seems something like “a refreshing to the new card queue” will trigger this problem.

Is this a bug of the scheduler (e.g. not considering siblings graduating today as seen)? I’ve been able to select all cards that should be burdened in the Browse window, but there’s no option to bury them manually in the browse window. Currently, I can only suspend those cards, do the learning and unsuspend them tomorrow. Is there any better solution?

Thanks in advance.

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When you say “add a bunch of cards to the deck”, I presume you mean via the Add screen? Adding cards does not bury or unbury any other cards. The only way siblings get automatically buried is when you answer a card in the review screen. The only way siblings get automatically unburied is when the start of a new day comes around, which is 4am by default. You can check this in the preferences screen.

I presume you mean via the Add screen


The only way siblings get automatically unburied is when the start of a new day comes around,

This is weird. The cards get unexpectedly unburied not only when I add cards, but also when I recover from backup (i.e. I noticed the unexpected unburying, so I recovered to a backup before adding, but the cards remain unburied). An example of an unexpected unburying is that for the same note:

  • First Card 1 is learnt and then graduated from learning state (can be checked within “Info” page)
  • Card 2 is new (not touched). At the beginning of the day, it’s buried. But after I adds cards, this get unburied and went into the “New” queue.
  • Card 3 is the same as Card 2, but one of Card 2 and Card 3 is buried since the two new cards can’t appear at the same time in the “New” queue.

My expected situation is that Card 2 and 3 are delayed to tomorrow and only one of them should appear tomorrow. The actual situation is one of Card 2 and 3 get into the new queue.

As far as I’ve observed, such situation happens only when Card 1 is graduating from learning state.

You can check this in the preferences screen.

This is correct, after 4:00 the card queue is refreshed.

I’m assuming you’ve confirmed burying is enabled in your deck options, and confirmed it happens with all add-ons disabled?

Yes, all 3 burying options are enabled (using v3 scheduler), and the “Insertion Order” is “Sequential (oldest cards first)”, “New card gather order” in the “Display Order” section is “Random cards”.

Indeed, some add-ons were enabled when the bug happened (Not Forvo audio downloader and Japanese support). I’ll try next time with add-ons disabled. It’s hard to reproduce this because it doesn’t seem to be a 100% event.