Cards Stuck in review-what?


I have an anki deck with a ton of cards and a ton of decks. I started having trouble with one of the tertiary subdecks no allowing me to move cards. It is forcing me to either put 1min or 3d on each card I see. The other decks are all fine. I tried to restore options to default and reboot, and it is still happening. I ended up deleting extra settings and restored all decks in the profile to default anki settings, and it is still doing it only in this one tertiary deck and four of its subdecks. I have no idea what happened. It started doing it with no changes made by me. Anyone know how to fix this? I also brought up my ankiweb decks and mobile decks and they are the same also w/in this one. It is also blasting the issue to my ankimote addon showing that 1min next review for my cards I am trying to mark good which I usually set at one day in this deck.

Please follow the steps on

thanks for the reply. I was in need of getting going so I actually just turned on the scheduler beta, figured I’d rather loose a few hundred learning cards than sit there doing nothing. It fixed the issue, and the cards I was learning I can push faster back to a day out.

to note I did all the steps in that FAQ except the optimize feature. Can you push that to the top of the forum. Maybe have a dropdown in a post that I select, problem with program, and then it can have a url show that says try here first link to FAQ