'Cards → Reposition…': also for MATURE cards?

(just asking out of curiosity; I’m not using the Reposition… command at the moment)

In the olden days, I remember occasionally getting the alert box: ‘Only new cards can be repositioned.’

Also, the manual says: ‘Reposition: Change the order new cards will appear in.’

However, if I select a mature card in the Browser and click on Cards → Reposition…, sure enough, the Reposition-box comes up …

Why’s that?

You may select any cards, but only new ones will be actually repositioned. I’d say this is more convenient, because you may select an entire deck and don’t have to sort out review and learning cards yourself. Sure, if no new cards were selected, this is a no-op, but I wouldn’t say that’s a problem.


but I wouldn’t say that’s a problem.

Of course not … :wink:

As I said, I’m just curious … (yes, I know what happened to that proverbial cat)

Thanks for replying; your answer makes perfect sense!

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