Cards wont reposition? Want to study ahead for christmas


I’m trying to reposition my cards due to at the 25th december to today but only those I havn’t seen in more than 20 days.

I typed in the search bar: prop:due=2 prop:ivl>20

then I highlighted all the cards went for reposition and set start position to 0 and step to 1

Nothing happened. {changed position of 0 cards}

Can you please help me, I would really love to have a bit more time during christmas. Cheers

In this case, Custom Study > Review ahead (1 day) makes more sense to me, but if you want to see only the cards due tomorrow with an interval>20 days. Custom study > “prop:due=1 prop:ivl>20 deck:your_deck” should work.

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ah yes, I see I could just filter and then set the cards due for today.

only thing that peeves me about this is that I think it doesn’t change the interval length of the cards but considering it’s more than 20 days interval this shouldn’t be an issue

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