Odd behaviour after Setting Cards Due in 1 day

So I have this habit that whenever I have a new card which I know the answer of already from knowledge beforehand, I would set the date due of the card in 1 day instead of just clicking Easy.

Now I know a lot of the cards in this deck of 6000 cards, which I started to study about 2 months ago, and this graph here worries me.

At the moment of typing this, this deck has 3215 cards due and I have a large backlog from other decks as well so when I review cards in the general queue I don’t see cards very often from this deck.

What worries me is that 2 months have passed and this peak at the very beginning has barely budged.

If you Set Due Date (and interval) to 1d, and then the cards go into a thousands-of-cards backlog, you probably haven’t studied them again at all. Click that bar to search up those cards in the browser – then add to that search, prop:reps>1. It’s probably not very many of the 1900?

That’s nearly 2/3 of the due cards in this deck, so that graph doesn’t seem that unusual. It’s going to take a lot to move the needle.

I tried what you said and after applying the search query, the browser count of the cards went down from 1945 cards to just 20 as you said. So what is that supposed to mean and do I have to be worried about it :question:

You’ve been studying that deck for 2 months, but you’ve barely touched those 2000 cards. There’s no point in introducing them if you’re just going to add them to add unstudied backlog. That’s the same worry you’ve been told about many, many times.

They are actually all young cards so they should appear in the reviewing queue at some point though. None of them are new cards.

But when they will appear in the reviewing queue depends on what’s going on in the rest of your backlog and your settings.