Scheduling not functioning properly

So I’ve been having trouble with my scheduled cards. I usually study quite a lot of cards per day: 120 new cards, 100 due-cards. Yesterday, after finishing only 50 or so of the new cards and Anki said that I was “all done”. So I ignored the finished goal and continued ahead but as a result the cards I had freshly learned already counted as “due”-cards and were thrown into the mix again. And today after being down to around 25 cards left on my “new” pile, I took a break and suddenly it says “100 new due cards” again. Now I’m really confused. I can’t even see how both problems could relate the same origin, just I don’t know…

You probably have a learning step larger than your Study ahead limit. That means, learned cards will become due again later that day. You can increase the limit if you don’t want to wait for that.
Refer to the Anki Manual for more details.

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