Cards randomly appear blank sometimes but appear other times

I use the Anking deck to study. I have noticed in the last few months, sometimes the cards appear blank with no question and no answer but the options for again, hard, good, easy still show up. I typically click again or hard so I am able to do the card later as the card will inevitably show up again at a later time. I can tell it isn’t just glitching on the one card because the timing options for again, hard, good, easy change. Additionally, sometimes the question won’t appear but when I click show answer, both the question and the answer will show. I have noticed that this has been happening more often, and it is making it difficult for me to use anki to study at all. I have also noticed that when I am toward the end of reviewing my cards due for the day, this occurs more often to the point I cannot finish the last 20-50 cards.

I am using the updated version of anki, I have gone through the troubleshooting items, and I have changed the video driver. I have even bought 2 new computers (for unrelated reasons) and redownloaded anki and downloaded my decks via my ankiweb account, and I have still had the same problems each time.

Have you tried all of the available video drivers, and restarted after switching to each one?

Are you up-to-date and synced with your Anking subscriptions and add-ons? Have you checked with them about blank-card issues?

Yes, I have tried everything you mentioned.

What was the advice from Anking? This is often an add-on/update issue.

If resizing the window causes the card to appear properly, I’d expect the software video driver to fix it. If resizing doesn’t help, it may be an issue with the card template, and I’d suggest seeing if it happens in basic front/back cards. If it doesn’t, you’ll need to report the issue to the deck author.

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