Blank cards after updating Anking?

Hello everyone,

I’ve been using Anki for about a year now with the Anking deck for med school. I recently updated the Anking deck to v12 using the AnkiHub add-on that was fairly recently released by Anking. I updated this past Wednesday and since then, I’ve gone along studying cards and after about 50 cards or so, the cards start to show up blank. The Again, Hard, Good, and Easy buttons are showing up and I can click them just fine to move on to the next card, but all subsequent cards show up blank. Here’s a screenshot:

The only thing that seemed to fix it, at least at first, was exiting the deck back to the main menu and re-syncing. I’ve been talking with the Anking people and they had me open Anki while holding Shift to disable addons, which seemed to help; I got through a few hundred cards, but then the few cards I needed to get through were again turning up blank, and not even syncing was helping. Not sure if anyone else has dealt this issue but I’d appreciate any help!

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