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Cards not compatible- download from anki- blank screen

Hello All!! I just tried to sync my ipad since I downloaded a new deck on my laptop. I got an error message on my iPad but didnt hink much of it since I dont use my iPad that often for Anki. When I opened Anki on my laptop I got an alert saying “some cards that you have aren’t compatible… download from anki or upload from anki” I chose the download from anki option, quit the program and restarted. Now my anki is blank. no browse button, NOTHING. anything helps!

Try these steps: When problems occur - Frequently Asked Questions

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Thank you but the problem is not fixed. It is still a blank screen.

You last appear to have synced with an older Anki version - are you sure you tried with 2.1.49 already? If so, please give qt6-beta2 a go: