Cards being unsuspended when filtered deck is rebuilt

A while back, I encountered the following bug -

Symptoms were that whenever I suspended a card while reviewing a filtered deck, that card would come back next time the deck was rebuilt. In my case, that would always be the next day, since I use a filtered deck for my daily study.

The seemed to go away for a while, but now it seems to be happening again. Anyone else seeing this?

(NB it is possible that there was a period where I didn’t suspend any cards while reviewing, so this bug may have never been fixed at all)


Yes, you are not alone and I am also facing this problem.

I have submitted a Bug report on

There is a Temporary Hack Solution on there so feel free to check it out if you need!

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Thanks for doing that — looks like David A has got straight on your report and fixed it.

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Yup! That was lightning fast reply and fix!

David A for the win!

Just got to wait for the next update now… :timer_clock:

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