Filtered decks help please

Please see below. Any time I unsuspend one of these cards, they do not show up at all on my main deck (they look as they are unsuspended) so I cant learn them. I do not know where they go. They used to be in a filtered deck but I deleted it so I figured it would go back to the parent deck but now I do not know what to do, where the cards go and how to learn them. Help please.

This might point to an issue, which might need more research @dae.

But in your case, you can select the cards, right-click and select “Change Deck”, and put them where they came from.

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If I do that, will the [no deck] sign disappear and go back to normal, correct? @hengiesel @dae

Yes. They might still be suspended though, in which case you also need to unsuspend them.

It worked! THANK YOU!!

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They should have been moved back to the original deck when you deleted the filtered deck, but maybe that did not happen due to a syncing conflict. If the issue happens again, please try the check database tool to make sure all cards are in a valid deck.