Cards are added in packages that are not required or specified

When I create a new package and start adding cards, the cards go to a different package, I deleted the application and gave it a download again a benefit, the same problem happens to me.

[I’m interpreting “package” as “deck” – I know it shows up differently depending on localization. Let me know if I’ve misunderstood!]

In the Add window, you can choose which deck the created cards will go into – Adding/Editing - Anki Manual . If all or some of the cards are going elsewhere, your not type may be using a Deck Override for certain cards. You can check that in the Cards/templates screen – Card Templates - Anki Manual .

The cards go to the same deck and every time I choose the deck where I want to put the cards go to the same deck
The conclusion is that the problem is I want to add the card in a certain deck, but it moves to a different deck, this different deck is where all the new cards are added, Even if you select another deck, is there a solution? Do you understand my problem?
Thank you…

Yes, I understand.

As I suggested, did you check to see that Deck Override is turned off for all card types in that note type?


I’ve never understood this function. And even now, when I read the definition, there is doubt that I know her.

  • The ‘Deck Override’ option allows you to change the deck that cards generated from the current card type will be placed into. By default, cards are placed into the deck you provide in the Add Notes window. If you set a deck here, that card type will be placed into the deck you specified, instead of the deck listed in the Add Notes window. This can be useful if you want to separate cards into different decks (for instance, when studying a language, to put production cards in one deck and recognition cards in another). You can check which deck the cards are currently going to by choosing Deck Override again.

Does it allow you to place different cards of the same note into different decks?

Yep, that’s exactly what it does. For instance I use it to have my vocab cards and sentence cards automatically placed in separate decks.


Yes, I have solved the problem, thank you very much and I am sorry if I tired you with me.
I did not understand your words at first when you told me about “Deck Override”, but now I understand the problem. My exam period is approaching and I feel worried if I do not solve the problem quickly and waste a lot of time. Thanks again

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