Cards appear on wrong dates after last update

When i buried a card then suspended it then unsuspended it sort of has a repeating error which makes it appear on wrong date across all platforms, I tried restarting the app, and to rebuild database but that didn’t work, help me please. Should I reset the cards so the problem get solved??

You may want to start a new issue in Ankidroid Github repo with the debug info together.

Hi there! AnkiDroid maintainer here, and a new issue on AnkiDroid github would be nice (Sign in to GitHub · GitHub) - but when you say “after last update”, that is not precise. What exact version of AnkiDroid are you on?

You can see it in the about info (which you can get to similar to the instructions linked in our bug template AnkiDroid Support)

If this is happening with 2.17beta2 (our current latest update) this is very unexpected!

I carnot reproduce in 2.17beta2. It is also interesting the card has been answered twice at the same day. At 2:36 AM with interval 3.3 yr but then again at 3:16 PM.

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