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I was trying to reset some of my cards that were due tomorrow to be due today, however I accidentally selected the whole deck (3000+ cards) instead of just the ones that were due tomorrow (202) and now have lost all of my progress with this deck as they have all been reset for today. Is there anyway for me to reset them to how they were before as I have been doing this deck since October and have managed to get it down to around 200 due a day.

Thank you

Quickest solutions to “accidentally did”/“wasn’t paying attention”/“read it wrong”/“clicked the wrong thing” are –

  • If you want to roll-back changes you’ve made just now (and haven’t closed or synced since then) – Edit > Undo [Ctrl Z] the change. [If you select it from the menu Anki will describe which change it is reversing with each click (useful when you can’t see it happening!).]
  • If you want to roll-back changes made longer ago than that – Restore from an automatic or manual backup, Restoring an Automatic Backup (Recovering from Data Loss) - Frequently Asked Questions .
    • If you just want to grab one thing from a backup (like the text of a template), you can minimize data loss by importing the backup into a brand new (temporary) profile, find what you’re looking for, copy/export it, and then delete that profile.
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By the way – you don’t need to do that to study them today. If you want to study cards outside of their set schedule, you can use a Filter/Custom deck. Filtered Decks - Anki Manual

I’m hopeful you’ll be able to get back to where you were, but you haven’t really lost your progress. All of those cards still have the same review history, except for manually having their due-dates set to today. They still know what their current intervals are, for instance. In the unlikely event that you can’t undo or restore – you can keep studying them and then will spread apart again. And there are other “hacky” things I might suggest to ease the burden in the short term.

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