Card Reviews Increasing in days when its been reviewed multiple times


I noticed that whenever I got a card wrong and reviewed it in a minute with the red review button, and I eventually memorised the card after some reviews, the review time for the green ‘easy’ option had increased to 5 days when I would expect it to go down to 3 or 1 days. Could someone help me with this? I have exams coming up soon :frowning:

Those intervals are calculated by the scheduling algorithm (either the default SM-2 or FSRS), based on the Deck Options.

If you post your Deck Options (including steps, intervals, parameters, retention, etc.) and the Card Info from a card, someone might be able to help you figure it out.

This card was just introduced, and is in Learn. Your Easy interval is set to 4d, so the whole time a card is in Learn, it will have an Easy button interval of 4 days – give or take 1 day for Fuzz Factor. That’s what is producing the 5d interval on that button, and it’s totally normal.

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