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Card ease doesn’t change after pressing “Again” (2.1.45a)

After trying the new scheduler v3 (with the card stats plugin) for a couple of days, it seems to work nicely, but I’ve found some strange behaviour and even if the problem es easily reproducible, I’m not 100% sure if it’s a bug, if IO’m doing something wrong or if the new scheduler just works this way.

Here, the on screen info of a random card, with the plugin card stats:

After pressing “Hard”, card ease goes from 150% to 135% as expoected:

But if I press “Again” instead of “Hard”, card ease (which if I’m right should go to 130%) doesn’t change at all:

Now, let’s take a look to another card’s info using the built in browser feature:

Now, after clicking on the “Again” button, and going back to the browser, the info windows seems to be correct, but the columns in the browser show wrong information:

As I said, not 100% sure if this is expected behaviour or a bug, but it certainly seems strange to me.

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Currently, reviews don’t refresh the browser table. You should see the correct ease after manually repeating the last search.
The info screen isn’t doesn’t use the browser caches, so it should always show the latest data when opening it.

Thanks for clarifying, yes the info screen shows the correct value, so I suppose the new scheduler is working correctly, but the browser column keeps showing incorrect data even after repeating the last search.

Also, the plugin card stats (suggested in the beta page to keep an eye on the scheduling) shows wrong data, that’s why I got confused.

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My apologies, it seems I had mistakenly tested with the new scheduler disabled! What I wrote only applies to the earlier version. For v3 the browser does update in realtime and I can confirm the ease bug for Again you’ve discovered.
That the correctly adjusted ease is shown in the review log might be a hint, but the actual card ease is indeed wrong, so it’s a serious issue.


Thank you both for the report and triaging; a fix is in alpha 3.

The card stats add-ons seems to update correctly for me in alpha 3; if you’re still having issues with it please let me know.


Just checked and everything (plugin, browser column and card info) is working great in my system. Thanks!