V3 scheduler hard button isn't the average of again and good on the first step

  • Learning cards have 4 buttons instead of 3 - Hard repeats the current step after the first step, and is the average of Again and Good on the first step.

But with the v3 schedulers its like a mess. I don’t understand why HARD is the same as GOOD in new cards and EASY is not my config step. Also, if i press AGAIN, the new EASY button is other than my config :S Im very confused, pls help.

Halfway between 25m and 1d is around 12 hours, so if you’re answering cards after midday, they are likely to be due the next day. The only difference between v2 and v3 here is that in v3, the button reflects that the card is due the next day.

And why now I can see new cards with an easy interval +1/-1 and not my configuration step? Now the fuzz is for all the cards even if are new?

I am having trouble following you. It would be easiest if you could point to a specific card in your collection that is being scheduled in a way you don’t expect.

Sometimes a new card has an easy button laps of 3, other times a new card has 5. This is weird bc my step for that easy button is 4. So is the fuzz making that?



The small random delay added to reviews is now reflected on the answer buttons, instead of only being applied when answering.