Card disappear after i press the 10 minutes button

Hello, i had this problem for a few days. When i go through my cards for the day and come a cross already learned once that i forgot i press the button to repeat them in under 10 minutes. But as soon as i press this button the card disappears and the next day Anki presents me the same card and when i press the 10 minutes button the same thing happens. When i notice it due to the numbers at the bottom, i press the redo button and press the 10 minutes again, than everything works normal.

Sry for the broken englisch and thank you very much

In the preferences>review>scheduling screen, please

  • turn off the legacy timezone setting
  • check ‘learn ahead minutes’ is 20
  • enable the v3 scheduler

Do problems persist after that?

Thank you very much that helped a lot!

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