Can't download Anki on Linux Chromebook

I’ve been trying to run Anki with no such luck. I have successfully managed to run ‘tar -xvf anki-2.1.65-linux-qt6.tar.zst’, but after this point, no matter what I try to run, it says that there’s no such file or directory for it. Please help, I’ve looked at a lot of guides but have no idea what to do next!

You aren’t changing into the correct directory name (you are omitting -qt6). It tells you that when it says “No such file or directory”. Make sure the argument to the cd command matches the directory name shown in the output of ls

hey! thank you, this helped a lot! i now have a new problem though. i got to the point where it says ‘install complete, type anki to run’ and after typing anki, it says 'aborted (core dumped).

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