Anki is not installing

I have been trying to reinstall anki for the last 3 days on Linux, however I keep facing errors shown in the image, I have placed in the appropriate filename which I downloaded from the Anki website

Please, can someone help me to install anki on terminal Linux, because it keep saying no such file or directory

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Are you using a chromebook? Asking because of the Play files symbol in your file browser. It may be that the Download directories are different due to Chromebook sandboxing.

What do you see if you cd Downloads and ls to show files? Does the tar file show up?

Edit to add: If it is indeed not there, see if this thread helps: Where's the download folder in Linux files? - Chromebook Community

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Yes I am using a Chromebook, i haven’t tried doing cd downloads, but i am going to try that out and give out an update

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