Can't change checkbox settings in preferences

When I click a checkbox in the preferences, such as for the option “V3 scheduler,” nothing happens.

All other types of options are interactable however (dropdown fields, numeric, etc.) It’s just checkboxes that don’t react.

Version ⁨2.1.65 (aa9a734f)⁩

Do you have any characters in your Windows username than are not a-z or 0-9? Would you be able to attach a screenshot of what the preferences screen looks like?

I did have a symbol in my windows username. I edited it out after reading your comment, but it did not alleviate the issue.

Update: Just noticed that settings ARE being changed, when I click the checkbox, but no check actually appears in the box so it appeared as though nothing happens. I found this out when clicking the Minimalist mode option.

The problem now is I can’t tell if the V3 scheduler is activated or not.

What’s the full path of the location Anki’s installed to? The issues in your screenshot have been seen by other people in the past when their install folder contained non-Latin text, like accented characters. There was a change made that fixed this in my tests, but it’s possible the fix didn’t cover all cases.

Thank you, I am a fool and didn’t realize that changing the username in windows wouldn’t affect the actual file path originally created. I had the $ symbol in the user profile name.
I reinstalled the program directly to C:\ and it appears ok now.

Glad to hear you’ve been able to work around the issue!

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