Can't access due cards no matter what I do

New user so sorry if it’s a stupid question, but I can’t access my 104 due cards no matter what I do. I have placed reviews first etc, but it’s not showing up.

Learning cards that are due will be shown first. I don’t know how you’ve managed to accumulate so many of them - with a 10 minute delay, you would have had to answer about 10/second to get numbers like that. I suggest you search for ‘is:due is:learn’, and reset those cards to new.

but my cards continue to be from learn and the due isnt going down. What am I doing wrong?

If you really want to access your due cards alone, you could create a filtered deck for that purpose.

From the menu, select Tools / Filtered Deck…

In the Search field, enter exactly the following:
"deck:Italian supplemental" -is:learn is:due

The “Limit to _______ cards” setting is normally 100, but you could bump it to 104 if you want to get all of them.

Click on the Build button, and you will get a deck called Filtered Deck HH:MM where HH:MM is a timestamp. Click on that deck to study only your due cards in that particular deck.

But yeah, something’s clearly wrong if you’re accumulating so many cards in learning status. Do you have some very large learning steps in your deck options?

Also, are you using any add-ons (from the menu, Tools / Add-ons)? What version of Anki are you using (from the menu, Help / About)?

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No worries, it’s not a silly question at all. Sometimes getting started can be a bit tricky. Have you tried refreshing the page or logging out and back in again? That might help your due cards show up properly. If not, maybe check your internet connection just to make sure everything’s connected okay. Sometimes a little tech hiccup can cause this

Thank you so much. It works now!

Thank you. It solved everything. Really appreciate it.

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