Cannot Sincronizar does not accept my details

Although I have an account with Ankí and can see all the flash cards.
I am using an Apple-Mac - and when I try to synchronize I get an error message
"cannot use ID or Password. I was hoping to synchronize to my Apple mac mobile.

You have

  • a Mac, running Anki for macOS?
  • some portable Apple device (iPhone, iPad), running Anki for iOS/iPadOS?
  • an account for AnkiWeb (Account Login - AnkiWeb)?
  • you have entered your credentials in Anki for Mac and get an error message then?

Could you please post a screenshot of your error message?

Please also see Syncing with AnkiWeb - Anki Manual for troubleshooting.

This Is What I meant - when i want to sincranizar this is what i get

Se requiere una Cuenta ID de Ankiweb( my AnkiWeb Identity and underneath I put then contesena. I imediatlyget back - Error code - Not valid either pasword or ID ! next I end up at Anki Decks which is not what i wanted ( I wanted to synchronizer so i can send cards to my Mobile
Regards amigo

La cuenta / contraseña que estás introduciendo parece no ser válida. Comprueba que estás introduciendo los datos correctos, o crea una nueva cuenta para usarla en los dos dispositivos.

If you’re able to log in to, you could try changing your password and then syncing again.

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