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AnkiWeb ID or password was incorrect; please try again

I just downloaded a new version of AnkiWeb on my Mac. When I open the app, it says “AnkiWeb ID or password was incorrect; please try again.” And when I try to sync, it says the same thing, and it does not sync to my iPhone app. When I click “synchronize” on my iPhone app, it takes a long time to sync and actually deleted all the decks I had on my phone.

I could log into my account on AnkiWeb website fine with my username/password. But I’m not sure how to input this username/password on the app (there isn’t a log in/log out function on the computer app?)

Thanks for your help in advance.

If you get an invalid password message, Anki should normally prompt you for a login the next time you sync. If for some reason that’s not happening, there should be a button in the preferences screen you can use to log out.

It sounds like you may have accidentally synced your phone in the wrong direction. If you need to recover the decks you had on your phone , please see