Cannot login in on my ipad! (anki website)

i cannot login on ankiweb using my ipad as the login button will not allow me to click on it and there is a red outline on the email box with my details along with a small exclamation mark in the right side of the box. when i log in on ankiweb on my PC it’s fine, this is only happening on my ipad? i tried switching to chrome but same problem. does anyone know what this is?


The login button appears when the email and password are placed, otherwise it will not give an option to log in

Sorry, don’t understand what are the contents of the email that you received, is it a new password from “reset password”?

Possibly related, but need to check with dae, can you check your ipad version?

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What iOS version does your iPad use?

Are you using a password manager, or manually typing in the email address? If not doing it manually, please try manually entering it in, and please make sure you don’t accidentally add a space at the start or end.

sorry for not being clear but this image above is what i meant! my ipad is fully updated so that is not the issue. i tried logging in without the password manager and it worked perfectly fine! i think that was the issue

thank u so much! i logged in without using password manager and it worked perfectly fine. i should have tried that before but tysm!

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