cannot find anki after downloading

I have downloaded anki four times - onto my MacBook Air. Each time there is a box on the bottom of the screen but the only options are “open” and “show in folder”. Open does nothing. Show in finder shows me my finder files list, but anki is not on there. I also tried looking in my Apps list, and anki is not there. – The instructions say to download to desktop, but how do you select where to download?

Be sure to download Anki from the official website,

That is what I did.

Do you have anything installed that moves particular files out of your download folder automatically (e.g. Hazel)? Can you find the file using Spotlight?

Thank you ferophila for the suggestions. I do not know spotlight, will try to find it

Command + space bar

thank you. I actually just found that on my own using google. However, when I click on what looks like an anki file for installing, all I get (same thing I got when I orignally downloaded it) is a picture of a star (for anki) on the left, a blue arrow pointing to a folder with the subtitle “applications”. But there is no link or place on the screen where the cursor turns into a hand. I don’t know where to go from there. Is that normal?

You have to move the applications icon onto the folder symbol my using your mouse, it is the classic way of installing software on Mac.

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I’m sorry to be so dull but I don’t understand. Do you mean the folder in the picture I described? Nothing in that picture reacts to my cursor. The picture came up when I downloaded, I think in response to clicking on ‘open’. But I can’t do anything with it.

Which applications icon do you mean? Where is it located? Thank you for your help.

Click and hold the mouse/trackpad on the icon, and drag it on top of Applications on the right. Then start Anki by clicking on the magnifying glass at the top right of the screen, and typing in Anki.

That did the trick. I feel pretty dumb not having done this on my own. I have clicked and dragged many items, and should have thought of that here.

An enormous thank you to all who have offered advice.