Cannot create and save any type of Anki card on desktop version

I’m not suggesting that at all. We just need to know which functionality you’re using in order to help you. Anki’s built-in IO is fairly new, so if the video was older than the past few months, it was probably outdated.

[If there were a problem with the functionality, we would still need to know the name of the add-on you’re using, and you could check that at Tools > Add-ons. But based on what else you described, that might not be necessary – see below.]

It sounds like those cards just haven’t been introduced as New cards yet. Like all of your other cards, IO cards get in a queue when they are created. When you’ll start studying them depends on your Deck Options (New card insertion order and gather order, to start with). If you want to start studying them “sooner”, you’ll have to adjust your Options or adjust the queue to make that happen.

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Hi Damien,

Thanks! That article you provided a link to is very helpful. Another question arose after reading the article - Why am I not being prompted to review flash cards daily, or at intervals for that matter? It is as if I have to initiate the review sessions. I don’t have the cell phone app, only the laptop app, BTW.

This is a daily activity and does not require prompting. I used to get notifications on my phone but as I will need it daily, it is pointless now. You will not forget about your daily review session if you are consistent in it. But reminders can be used if you wish.

What about the concept of spaced repetition with Anki? Can you direct me to Anki settings so I utilize spaced repetition even if I initiate review of flash card decks on Anki?

The reviews are not scheduled for every single day. I did not mean that. I was saying for most people the spacing between reviews does not mean they don’t use Anki in those days. This is also applicable for traditional schooling. Revisions you do for school are spaced, yet you study every single day.

I might do my new cards today and tomorrow I will need to review some of them. But not necessarily all of them! Some of them might get scheduled for the day after tomorrow. But tomorrow I will learn a different set of new cards too. Some of those might show up the day after next. And some of those after that. The cards you are learning quickly get mixed up in a huge jungle of other cards, all micromanaged by Anki’s scheduler. Every card, every single one of them.

Of course, if you have a very small collection that might not be true and there will be days you don’t need to do any reviews at all.

I am not getting any prompts to review cards. It has been this way for the past 2 weeks. Can you help me setting up review prompts or is it self-initiated?

Thank you in advance.

It’s not documented in the manual so I’m not sure you can do it. Though, reminders can be set up in your phone right? Using a clock app.

Can you say more about what you mean by “prompts to review cards”?

Is this something you had before that has stopped happening? Are you talking about something like a pop-up notification on your computer reminding you to use Anki? Or is this something that you’re expecting to see inside Anki telling you which decks to study?

The developers of the Anki app sing the praises of the apps ability and inherent system of delayed review or whatever it is called where the app provides the ability to see cards gradually less and less which ingrains the material in the student’s memory better. This is what I mean about prompts to review cards.

Yes, Anki is a spaced repetition system (SRS). The value of studying that way doesn’t just come from Anki’s developers – it’s science – Background - Anki Manual .

Your main Decks page will show you where to find the cards that are due each day – Studying - Anki Manual . Click on those decks to study those cards.