Can you hide the order of a cloze deletion in a sentence

  1. I’m learning Persian which has an Irregular Word Order for instance ‘I am well’ would be ‘Man Khub Hastam’ which translates literally to ‘I well is’ which I just need to learn. Is there a way to hide a word in a cloze deletion without the blue inverted brackets […] so I get tested on word order without a clue??

  2. What about 2 cloze deletions that are connected which are separated from each other??
    For instance the ‘I’ in ‘I am well’ is ‘Man…am’
    the ‘We’ in ‘We are well’ is ‘Ma…im’
    which have words that aren’t cloze deleted so I need to do 2 cloze deletions at once for each of these- Can I do this??

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You could hide the ellipser […] (not sure I used that word correctly) with JavaScript. This script is from Reddit:

    var elements = document.getElementsByClassName('cloze')
    for(var i = 0; i < elements.length; i++) {
        elements[i].innerHTML = elements[i].innerHTML.replace('[...]', '')

Just insert it into your “Front” template in the “Cards…” window. I adjusted it to remove the whole thing.

Ad 2:

You can create multiple cloze deletions in one card by using the same index on the clozes (shortcut: Shift+Ctrl+Alt+C):

This {{c1::card}} contains {{c1::two}} clozed words.

Output: This [...] contains [...] clozed words.

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