Cloze Deletion doesnt function in Code Cards because of curly brackets

I am using Obsidian to Anki to create my Anki Cards this is why the screenshot looks a bit different.

It seems like the syntax of the cloze deletion “{{c1:text you don want to see}}” is not compatible in code cards with curly brackets . As you can see in the second screenshot the cloze1 is not found. I troubleshooted it and it seems like the other curly brackets in the codecard are the problem.

Did anyone else here had the problem?

Is it possible to change the syntax of the cloze deletion to something which doesnt use curly brackets?

Would be nice if someone could show me how to handle this problem :).

Seems to be a common problem ( - in this reddit post the answer was just to use spaces in front and behind the other curly brackets so that they are not recognized as cloze deletion.

But this is not a solution in my case, because I dont want to manipulate my code using spaces… So the question is still if there is an option to change the Syntax of the Cloze Deletion.

Reading your post is hard, due to the number of unmatched delimiters :stuck_out_tongue:
Jokes apart, you should try this add-on. The screenshot seems exactly what you are looking for, and you will notice on of the cloze deletion has no spaces around.