Can’t add new cards

Since yesterday when I said yes to a new update, I can’t add any new cards. Whether it is a new folder or an already established one with cards already inside.

I would love to know what I can do.
In the picture you can see the problem („ Error- IO notetype must have 4+ fields“)

Thank you for helping out!

Maybe run Check Database.

Click on Decks (Stapel) in the top left menu. Then in the Decks screen, click on the “gear-wheel” icon in the top right menu. Then choose “Check Database”.

Checking the database doesn’t help unfortunately.
I also checked the media and tried the latest safety copy before deinstalling + reinstalling the app which didn’t help either.

Thank you for your reply.

In the computer version, go to Tools>Manage Notetypes, and remove the notion-anki-sync-cloze notetype. Please report the issue to the add-on author or third-party tool you have used.

Thank you so much. It now works perfectly fine.