Can not make Multiple Questions work

In studying Japanese Verb Conjugations. There is a root verb and I need to type in the 3 different forms.
When I set it up it does not ask me in a row.
E.g. the first is Te-Form, after typing in and showing me the answer (if right or wrong) it should ask me the Masu-Form and then the Nai-Form.
I can not find a way to make it work.
First, I find the manual very complicated to understand, and 2. I have no idea about HTML5 and I am too old to learn it.
So I hope somebody can tell me what I need to put in the cards.
Thank you very much!

While it is possible with the v3 scheduler to change the display order so that each of the card types are introduced in turn, they will appear in a random order when it comes time to review them again, since Anki needs to be able to schedule each card individually. If you want to see all the info at once, you’ll need to put it all on the one card.

Oh, that would be another solution!
But how will I set that on one page?
After I type in the first (Te-Form) what would I need to put in that it will go to the next (type:Masu-Form and then next?

Sorry, I overlooked the fact that you’re typing in the answer. That will indeed require separate cards unless you put all forms in a single field.

I have tried it and it works well! They are all on 1 page, but that does not matter. Thank you for your suggestion!
Another Question:
When I set this up, I have one set. The fields are 4. But then I want to create another deck, how to I have different fields? I must somehow separate them.

You can create separate notetypes for separate content. Getting Started - Anki Manual

I see. I will try that.
Thank you.

Putting all forms on 1 page does not give me the right result. Please teach me what I did wrong:

I always get the same answer

I will also include the front side:

As @dae said above, typing all forms on the same card only works if they’re in the same field, as Anki doesn’t support multiple type fields. I think there are add-ons that enable something like this, but it is strongly recommended to only ask for one piece of information per card.


There is a minimum information principle that states that you should keep the amount of the information asked on each card at the lowest possible. This is a technical constraint, due to Anki’s algorithm (spaced repetition).

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Thank you for all the information!