Increase fields for typing answers

what I am looking for is to have three fields to type in answers as follows

But the problem is that at the moment of typing the answer it only shows the first answer and the others are not saved and marked as correct.
What is the solution?

Are you using a “Basic” note type? If so, I am not sure of this, but I think the only way you can accomplish what you are trying to do is with the “Cloze” note type.

I have this set up using the add-on Fill the blanks - Multiple type:cloze support - AnkiWeb.


You can disable the colour changing, so it doesn’t provide too much information on what the answer might be.


use the note type to type the answer

How did you make the code to achieve the result of the video?

Can you tell me how I achieve the same result as you?

  1. Download the Add-on.
  2. Create a new cloze notetype.
  3. On the card templates, change {{cloze:Text}} to {{type:cloze:Text}}.

I’m not sure, but currently, I think the Add-on automatically adds one note type for “Basic” and another for “Cloze”, so you might or might not need to follow the second and the last step.

That’s all I have to do?

Yeah, don’t forget to restart Anki after downloading the add-on.

That won’t work in the mobile clients however. The reason Anki does not support this is because each thing you are testing should be on a different card. If you want to test three different fields, you should use three different templates, so that failing one input does not cause the other two inputs to be displayed more frequently as well.


In general, that’s the way to go, but @01101’s use case makes sense to me. Instead of fracturing the different tenses of that word into multiple cards, the whole conjugation is presented, providing useful context. It’s very neat, too.

I guess it depends on how you want to be able to recall that info later.

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@01101 There will be a video explaining what you did, since I have not managed to obtain the same result as you

Have you already downloaded the add-on?

yes, I have downloaded the plug-in

I’ll make a video explaining step by step for you later on.

I would appreciate it very much

Actually, there is no need for it. Here’s a note sample. Just download it.

thank you very much for the great contribution you have made to the community, but one last question, it also works for ankidroid?

I did nothing; all credit goes to:

It won’t, since Ankidroid does not support add-ons.

Still. If you want context you should add it as non-asked text. Otherwise you’re losing on efficiency (if you fail often at remembering the participle of a certain verb, you gain nothing by also having to answer the other tenses —which you already remember— every time the card appears again).

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