Close to field?

Hi I wonder is there any automatic way (maybe through an add-on) to make a field where what is inside the cloze automatically goes to that field?


Could you try again to explain what you want? I couldn’t quite follow.

When I started out with Anki, I made my cards like this because of some YouTuber’s recommendation (so I wouldn’t have to switch between Cloze and Basic):


Perhaps that’s what @electricanki means - moving the answer into its own field?

Assuming that’s the issue, you should be able to batch-edit your cards into the proper format without any add-ons.

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Attention: Make sure you know how to restore local backups before trying anything like this.

Create a New Notetype

The new notetype should have one more field than the cloze notetype (I went for “Back” in this example). Then, select all notes you want to change in the browser.

Remap fields (Change Notetype)

Go to “Notes” → “Change Notetype” and map the text field to both the designated question field and answer field.



Now we just need to delete the unwanted parts from each field. Keep all notes selected and proceed with “Notes” → “Find and Replace”:

Find & Replace Front

Check “Use input as regular expression” and select the field you want to contain only the question. Use the following regular expression:
Screenshot from 2021-12-23 10-31-04

Find & Replace Back

Same as before, but now select the designated answer field and use the following regular expression:
Screenshot from 2021-12-23 10-33-01

Final Result