Can anyone plz help, or explain - learning cards stuck in 1 day?

hello, i have an issue and hope someone more experienced than me can help me with.
i unsuspend and learn New cards every day, BUT the ones unsuspended and learnt on july 31 and august 1 seem to be stuck on 1 day when i press good.
my cards due tomorrow are increasing bcz the cards from before are stuck in “day 1 learning”
i have now over 300 learning cards which have been repeating on 1 day for 2 days in a row, AND answering good sends them 1 day later which is tomorrow (this makes them repeating for 3 days in a row)
it never used to happen, cards used to go to 3-5 days after i answered good for 2 days in a row
hope my explanation made sense

this is an example of a card repeating on 1day

Please disable add-ons for a few days and see if problems persist.

thank you for your reply, i solved it by manually forgetting all my learning cards.

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