Call up another map for additional information?

Greetings to all the helpers in this forum

Main concern of the deck at the moment: Learning Spanish
Starting point:

first page:

Second page: Answer with a “hint”.

If you click on the “Other”, the following additional information appears, in this particular case:
Hint on the irregular verb.

This procedure is not only time-consuming because I have to type the irregular verbs every time myselfe, but also it makes no sense from my point of view because other cards could also refer to the same irregular verb.

What I have in mind:
An extra card is created that shows a table (an image) in addition to the irregular verb.

Is it possible in Anki to create a corresponding link within a deck?
If so, how?
The key-word could be in this case for example:
caer - image or so.

A big plea.
As a beginner in Anki, it is quite difficult for me to understand the syntax, or rather to familiarize myself with it.
Especially because I have no idea about programming.
In addition: since my English is unfortunately quite rusty by now, I often don’t understand the instruction in English either, which are given on Anki-help-pages…
Therefore, I would be very grateful if you could add a simple example file - Anki-Deck to your answer.

Thank you, Peter El Salvador

You may wonder, a deck: learning Spanish for English and German speakers?
Is he a little bit out of mind?
From a learning psychology point of view, this is not a good idea.
You’re right! But:
The reason in this special case:
I have been working as a volunteer in Central America for several years.
English and German speakers frequently ask me if I know of an app that can help them to learn Spanish.
Therefor, this Deck is for English and German native speakers.
The original deck was made by a Spanish native speaker: Spanish <> English, with Spanish audio sample, but no audio samples for English.

Dear Jimenez69, you youngster.

I look forward to your proposed solution.

The only downside for me at the moment:
I spend far too much time learning Anki.
On the other hand:
Anki could contribute to my motto:
Fighting poverty through education.

Thanks, Peter El Salvador