How can I add a help button for a deck in Anki?

at first glance, my question seems a bit curious.

For my first steps in Anki, I’m not so much interested in filling cards with content, but in getting to know Anki, experimenting around, finding out what is possible with Anki.

So I’m very glad that this forum exists and that I’ve already received some advice,
Hopefully in 12 months I’ll be able to upload the first decks I’ve modified onto Anki. Focus: Language acquisition Spanish / English / German.

In response to one of my questions, an expert wrote to me:
The problem can be solved if you add codes in Java.

I will try to implement his advice in the next few days / weeks - I have no clue about Java.
But at the same time, I have the wish to tell other learners what the code should do from the approach.

How can I create a help button in a deck that can be clicked on and then take you to a hint page with the content of explication of the Java code.

By the way, I would like to use such a help button for other things as well.

Calling up another page where, for example, irregular verbs are declined, or other hints are shown.
Important: in this case, the hints should have to fit the respective record.

Thanks, Peter El Salvador