Not just front and back side, but another side


I know, abdo has been so kind before, and answered me to a similar question:

using hint.
“Hint” is wonderful for “little” hints, but not for a verb table.

Aim of the deck:
To create flashcards for learning the foreign language: Spanish.
(English / German)
Example front side

Back side:

The back contains a hint that can be viewed if desired.
This is specifically about irregular verbs in Spanish.

As you can guess, this is quite an elaborate work what irregular verbs concerns.

My idea:
instead of typing in the deviations myself in painstaking detail, a table is to be inserted.

As you can easily see, the verb table is much too large to be displayed on the backside.

Therefore, when clicking on hint, a new page should be shown.

In other words:
the 3rd page should only show the table.

So far I have not found a solution how to add an extra page to the front or back side.

I would be very grateful for any suggestions.

Yours sincerely, Peter, El Salvador

Maybe you can make a conditional field. But you will need to work on elaborating these fields to accomplish it, so that you adjust your proper structure. Unfortunately, I did not properly understand your goal.

This text is only shown if B has text in it. Here is B: {{B}}

This text is only shown if B is empty. Here is A: {{A}}

Thanks gustavosmen,

thanks for your suggestion.
You write:

I did not properly understand your goal.

I’ve modified my question.
My goal:

the 3rd page should only show the table, nothing else.

I’m working also with “Flashcard Delux”.
“Flashcard Delux” allows you to add as many pages as you like to one existing record.

Maybe this is not possible in Anki.

Thanks, Peter

You can just add a new field and reference it in your templates.

Multiple reveal steps are generally a sign that your cards are more complicated than they should be, but they can be approximated with Field Replacements - Anki Manual