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Bury siblings untill the older sibling is mature?

There used to be an addon for this. But the creator put it in to legacy mode. I think this feature would decrease the workload and would make it harder to answer card where you only know the answer because you recognize the question not that you understood what the question asked

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A feature would be more useful than an addon because it would be ported to Ankidroid sometime.

How do you define mature? Maybe the option to set the number of days siblings are buried for would be enough?

In anki a mature card is 21 days. But it dosen’t have to be. If thereis an option to bury siblinigs until a sibling is mature enough there could be an option for the user to define when a card is mature.

But what’s the actual trigger for unburying? Currently, cards are unburied as soon as the day boundary is crossed, so sibling are spaced one day apart.
I see two problems with your suggestion:

  1. If you unbury as soon as the sibling gets an interval of 21+ days, it means that both siblings will be reviewed on the same day. (Or you unbury on the following day, but then there is still only 1 day between siblings, so no improvement.)
  2. We will have to check all siblings when determining whether to unbury a card. This is not an unmanageable problem, but it means more complexity and a performance cost.

Therefore my suggestion: Keeping the burying period static not only has a better performance and is simpler to implement. It’s also more transparent to the user (with dynamic burying like you suggest, a card might never resurface) and will lead (on average) to more spacing between siblings.
So do you think this approach would suffice?

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The next day after a card has been achieved an interval of 21 days(it can also be two or three days).

The point is not so much not to see the cards one after each other but to only see the sibling after the previous one has matured.