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Have siblings buried for longer than one day

Preferably a user-defined amount of days, of course. The reason is pretty straightforward: one day is often not enough to forget cards you did in one ‘direction’.

This was asked before including myself. Damien’s answer was:

The burying functionality doesn’t have a concept of a due date at the moment, so it’s not a small change. You could approximate it with existing functionality however, such as sending the card back to the end of the card queue, or rescheduling it for a number of days in the future.

Maybe in the future that feature will be implemented.

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FWIW, old Anki versions did reschedule siblings relative to card intervals. It was removed in more recent versions, because it lead to cards being delayed too long - especially when a note type had many card types, some card types never ended up being seen.

Anki 2 is much better than Anki 1, but the #1 feature of Anki 1 that I still miss is that it handled siblings much better.

It did cause some excessive delays for some people (specifically those with many card types), but I still think that was a very small percentage of users. For most users, I think having more robust sibling rescheduling would be a huge win.

All that to say, I’d love to see sibling rescheduling developed in Anki 2… maybe even reverted to the approach in Anki 1 with just a small pop up note mentioned that the setting should be kept low if you have any cards generated per note.

There are 2 add-ons for that:

  • Push Paradox …
  • RememorizeRescheduler …