Bury counted as reps

While debugging ankidroid I found what I believe to be a mistake in anki desktop. If you bury a card, it’s counted as a review. So your timebox state that you have reviewed 2 cards even if you have one card buried and one reviewed. If you undo the burying it’s counted as yet another card reviewed. This is inconsistent with the fact that undoing review decrease the number of reps.

Is there any reason why the number of reps is counted differently in the deck browser and in the timebox ? I would expect that both could use the log; that would be quite simpler than using reps in scheduler (I’ve discovered that AnkiDroid count have had a off by one error for at least 5 years, and I am strongly in favour of not having reps in scheduler right now…)

Anki used to support a timebox limit on the number of cards, and counting the number of revlog entries after every card answer would be inefficient. Since we don’t do that anymore, counting the revlog entries when the timebox completes would be fine. Thanks for the heads up; I’ll bear it in mind as I work through the remaining scheduling code.