Buried related new cards still buried the next day


I have one deck with one note type and 2 templates for that note:

  • japanese > english
  • english > japanese
    I checked both the options “bury related new cards” and “bury related reviews”

I would like every day to learn 10 new cards of japanese > english, and 10 new cards english > japanese of yesterday’s new cards.

However, what is happening is:

  • day 0: create 10 new notes
  • day 1: learn 10 new cards japanese > english
  • day 1: create 16 new notes
  • day 2: there are only the 16 new card japanese > english, the 10 related cards of yesterday english > japanese cards are still burried

What I had to do to learn the cards is:

  • Suspend the last added 6 cards
  • In the deck options > unbury

Is it expected? Or is it an issue with AnkiDroid?

If a sibling came up for review the next day, it may cause the new card to get buried again.

Thank you for the reply!

I see, then yes it’s what happened as all the new cards came up for review the next day. Reading the more detailed description on Anki Desktop it seemed that new cards can only be burried by related new cards: “Whether other new cards of the same note (eg reverse cards, adjacent cloze deletions) will be delayed until the next day”.

Because of this I will have another issue. I have a new cards/day limit of 20, so if there are 0 related new cards of the previous day, then I will have 20 new cards Japanese > English (which I don’t want). Is there a solution for this issue? Using a filtered deck would it be possible to set a limit of 10 for the template Japanese > English?

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