Bug with saving filtered decks

Anki mobile had always this problem, that you couldn’t at least save a filtered deck, when you look for example for a flag, which currently has no card on.

In the past you could do this then on the desktop version. But with 2.1.45 it seems gone there too.

So I end up with filters, which I can’t edit anymore, unless I “produce” cards with the filtered criteria before.

Or delete those filtered decks and try to add them again and again until cards with the filtered criteria will come up?

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The assumption here is that typically users will not have any use for a deck that has no cards in it, and this saves them having to delete it themselves. I can appreciate an argument for allowing the deck to remain, but I wonder how much demand there is for that?

  1. I have for example decks with a lot of new cards in the backlog. But as I use clozes, I want new clozes review before I’m through with my backlog in far future.

  2. I handle cards wit an interval below or over a year different.

  3. I think if a criteria of cards I want regularly see, it they are there. And store a filterd deck for that. I thought this too is something filtered decks are for? And I don’t want to define the filter again and again until the first matching cards arrive.

iOS missed this feature all the time. But until recently it worked at least on the desktop version. But there now it is gone too.


Okay, so I found a workaround for me. I define a filter with an “OR” criteria which I normally don’t use on a card. So I can apply this temporarily to one card and combine it with any wanted filter constellation, regardless if the other criteria match any card at the given time. And so I can store any needed filtered deck when I want to.

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I would like to see this feature back too… I use a lot of empty filtered decks that i eventually fill with cards i make in the future

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