Bug with fractional learning intervals

With learning intervals such as 0.08 minutes, Anki Desktop will run with no errors, but trying to sync any cards in one of those intervals will not work because of a database error, and Check Database will have to be run before the sync is successful.

It seems like either you shouldn’t be able to set those fractional learning steps or it should be fixed so syncing is possible.

EDIT: Changed first line from 0.8 to 0.08

I’m not able to trigger an error when using a learning step of 0.8. Assuming you’re testing with the latest Anki version, have you ruled out add-ons?

Sorry, I misremembered the number, it actually happens with 0.08. Perhaps its only when interval < 0.1?

I was able to reproduce it with no add ons loaded (held shift) on a basic card type

The exact error is DBError{ info: “InvalidColumnType(5,“ivl”, Real)”, kind:Other}

Thanks for the report, I’ll fix this in the next update.

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